Balanced & Healthy Dogs
Dog trainers are not dog behaviorists. A behaviorist is proficient in training & behavior work. Trainers are proficient in training. Understanding this difference
will save you much time & money.

Dog behavior problems are not the same as dog training problems. A large percentage of my dog clients have enrolled their dogs at some point in time in a training program, e.g. doggy boot camp or weekend class. Some have gone so far as to ship their dog off to another state in hopes of getting all of their dog troubles resolved.

In a nutshell, a trainer can help you teach your dog to sit. You will need a dog behaviorist such as myself to teach your dog to stop attacking other dogs or people.

With over 10+ years' experience working with institutions, small business, shelters, kennels, law enforcement & private party individuals, one fact remains clear; humans give up before the dog when it comes to changing their behavior.

I have successfully taken on dogs on death row; one week away from euthenization and successfully turned them around into adoptable pets.

What is it that I did that others did not do? For one, I do not give up, I have a unique skill set few have, and I believe it is dead wrong to kill animals.

Dogs are not machines, they're living breathing souls like you and I. All dogs want to be emotionally balanced. They depend on us to show them the way. Develop a thorough knowledge of the canine mindset. There is no dog behavior problem that I have not successfully corrected. If I can do it, so can you.

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Since 2001
"My wife & I were two of the lucky few that were enrolled in one of Cesar Milan's (Dog Whisperer) dog training seminars in Southern California in 2009. It was a great experience. We moved to S.F. & were in need of someone of Cesar's caliber to help us with a rescue Doberman. Our vet recommended Kevin. To make a long story short, our dog problems were solved within two hours time. In my opinion Kevin is a step ahead of Cesar because he gets the same results WITHOUT teaching that you must be a "pack leader" or "alpha figure." Our vet agrees.
If you're looking for someone on the next level up from the Dog Whisperer Kevin is your man. Dr. D. Holston, MD."
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Dog Psychologist, Behaviorist,Consultant & Trainer to law enforcement, SPCA, Bay Area Humane Socieites, small business & individuals with an 11 year track record of success! Read more
Balanced & Healthy
Hunter - Schutzhund German Shepherd
Problem: Obedience, aggression. All problems resolved. Owners trained in the process.
Nelly - St. Bernard
Problem: Aggression toward dogs, obedience. Problems resolved within two session.
Indy - Dachshund
Problem: Dog & people aggressive. Problems resolved through private session & retreat.
Jack- J. Russell Terrier Mix
Problem: Dog aggressive. Problem solved through one private session
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